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Waldwick Borough’s LED Lighting Retrofit Has Public Officials
Seeing Brighter While Saving 60% Per Year in Energy Costs.

"LED Lighting Retrofit Installation by Stouch Lighting Cuts Waldwick Borough’s Annual
Parking Lot Energy Bill by More Than Half"

Aston, PA, January 15, 2013 –Stouch Lighting, a lighting distributor specializing in LED lighting and energy efficient lighting products, announces the completion of an LED lighting retrofit project for Waldwick Borough’s parking lot, projected to save the Borough nearly $ 1,000 per year in energy costs.

When the energy savings is combined with the added savings the Borough will save on less expenses needed to maintain the longer-life rated LED fixtures (rated at over 140,000 hours of life) than the previous High Intensity Discharge fixtures (rated at 6,000 hours of life), the total savings of the LED lighting retrofit install increases to an annual amount of approximately $ 1,800 per year.

Borough Administrator, Gary Kratz, adds, “We were very impressed with Stouch Lighting’s approach to the project.  They came back with a comprehensive proposal that showed us our annual energy,  maintenance, and  greenhouse gas savings analysis for installing the LED lighting recommendation.”  Kratz also notes, “With the new LED lights installed the parking lot is also brighter now than before making it more secure for public use."

Stouch Lighting is a lighting distributor specializing in LED lighting and energy efficient lighting products for municipalities, institutions, commercial and industrial markets.  Stouch offers a wide variety of product choices for each application allowing them to offer the best recommended solution for a customer’s needs.  In addition to supplying lighting products, Stouch Lighting offers total turnkey installation and retrofit services all designed to reduce energy consumption and costs.  Stouch Lighting is a COSTARS approved supplier.  For more information visit