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About Our LED Lighting Company


Stouch Lighting is an LED distribution and consultation company. We are manufacturer-neutral, so our focus is entirely on reliable, high quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective products. We design solution-oriented packages around each client's particular goals, using a combination of industry experience, manufacturing partnerships, and logistical capabilities. Different considerations to maximize your return on investment include warranty, up front costs, and volume discounts. Contact us today to learn how Stouch Lighting can help your organization reach its goals! 

  • Stouch Lighting LED Retrofit Project: Parking Lot
  • Stouch Lighting LED Retrofit Project: Sports Complex (Hockey Rink)
  • Stouch Lighting LED Retrofit Project: Outdoor Storage Facility
  • Stouch Lighting LED Retrofit Project: Parking Lot
  • Stouch Lighting LED Retrofit Project: Upper Chichester, PA Gymnasium
  • Kevon One Office Center LED Light Conversion Project Pennsauken New Jersey
  • Neumann University Pennsylvania LED Retrofit Project
  • LED Lighting Conversion For New Jersey Parking Lot
  • LED Retrofit For Upper Merion Township Parking Garage
  • Storage facility conversion from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to LED Lights
  • University lighting remodel using LEDs
  • Campus street lighting LED conversions for schools and universities
  • Kevon One Office Center Parking Lot - Improved CRI and cooler color temperature lights
  • Office Center Parking Lot in Pennsauken NJ Before and After LED Lights
  • Campus Lighting Conversion to LED at Neumann University, Aston PA
  • Springfield PA Shopping Center LED Lighting Conversion

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Energy Consumption & Efficiency

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Lighting Quality & Performance

Energy Consumption & Efficiency Improvements With LED Lights

Energy Consumption & Efficiency

Retrofitting your current lighting with an energy efficient LED solution can save you up to 80% in your energy costs. The savings are so significant that you can finance the replacement with the energy cost savings you will realize as a result. Read more about energy savings with LED lights here.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Waste Disposal Issues With LED Lights

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Drastically reduce maintenance costs by utilizing fixtures and lamps that have from four to forty times the useful service life. Eliminate waste disposal issues by transitioning from gas-discharge lamps to LED technology. Read more about maintenance savings with LED lights here.

Improve Lighting Quality and User Experience With LED Lights

Lighting Quality and Performance

Improve overall experience by using high quality products backed by reliable manufacturers. Utilize high Color Rendering Index (CRI) with the appropriate Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) to deliver high quality light levels suited to a range of budget requirements. Read more about performance improvements with LED lights here.

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Client Testimonials

"The lights drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs in Upper Chichester, which we are very excited about. Additionally, I am sure the residents and guests who use the rec center are going to love the upgraded lighting as well." 

- Judy Lizza, Township Manager, Upper Chichester

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