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LED Retrofit Management

Product capability, lighting expertise, and project management that delivers results.


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LED Lighting Retrofits & Project Management

The idea of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. LED retrofits are complex, so we help make it easier by providing the right solutions for you and your business to succeed. Whether your focus is energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, or improving the performance and quality of your lighting, we have all the tools and experience to deliver resultsLearn more about the benefits of converting to LED lighting.


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Our Experience

We're dedicated to providing clients with the right solutions and ease the stress that come with project management. Our 4-Step project design guides customers through the retrofit process and ensures your unique requirements are met.

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Turnkey Lighting Projects 

Our mission with turnkey projects is to provide customers with the knowledge and resources needed to complete a successful and effective LED lighting project. We help facilitate every aspect of your customized retrofit process. 

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Our Expertise

Our team of Lighting Certified (LC) professionals guide you through the LED retrofit process from start to finish. We're there for you throughout the entire process and aim to make your job easier with product education, tailored options, and solutions aligned with your business goals.

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What is an LED Retrofit?

Retrofitting your facility means adding something new (such as a technology, component, or accessory) that the building didn’t previously have or that wasn’t a part of the original construction.

Common Objections to LEDs & Debunking These Myths

We've debunked these common myths about LEDs:

 LEDs are too expensive

The technology changes too quickly

Are LEDs really that much better than traditional lights?

Guide to LED Rebates & Incentives

Lighting rebate programs can help make space in your budget to move forward with an LED retrofit or conversion project. But they can also be difficult to find, tedious to claim, and hard to understand - that's why we're here to help!

Common Problems with Fluorescent Lighting

Traditional fluorescent lamps can cost your organization in unnecessary maintenance time, high energy costs, and less than optimal light output. When it comes to LED vs fluorescent, LEDs are the clear winner.

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Client success is our success

At Stouch Lighting, our yardstick for achievement is measured by the success of our clients. Through case studies, we've highlighted the challenges they face, the collaborative solution that we devised, and the positive outcomes for these customers. Check out case studies to see all the LED lighting benefits - visit our customer success page by clicking the link below:

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