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Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Family Lighting

Whether you're in charge of an office space, factory, or apartment complex, savings is top of mind. Upgrade your lighting to LED to experience lower maintenance effort and costs, as well as lower energy costs and improved performance. 

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Office complexes, retail spaces, any real estate asset requires ideal lighting. We can help you fit and implement your spaces with LED lights.

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There are all sorts of industrial facilities- food processing, factories that make every good we both consume and use, storage spaces, etc. Consider the benefits of LED lighting in your industrial space. 

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If you own and/or operate an apartment complex, town homes, condominiums, etc., you have a lot of lighting you're in charge of. Make it easier with LEDs.

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Dairy Processing


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Lighting for the Food & Beverage Industry 

Download and share our PDF e-book for an in-depth look at lighting for the food and beverage industry. This more than 20 page e-book covers it all, but in succinct, easy to digest sections.

Here are some things we discuss in this guide, all specific to food & bev:

  • Top three universal benefits of LED lights
  • How LED lighting can increase employee productivity
  • Can UV lighting really irradiate food and beverages and kill COVID-19?
  • What's the NSF, and what are their splash zones?
  • A chart with IP Ratings broken down for you
  • Suggested foot candles for different sections of your facility 
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