The Franklin Institute

Parking Garage LED Conversion

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The Franklin Institute is a science museum and center of science education and research in Philadelphia. It is named after the American scientist and statesman, Benjamin Franklin, and houses the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.



The Problem

Our customer was looking for a solution to reduce the energy consumption associated with the existing lighting in their parking garage, as well as increase the lighting quality and implement technology to adapt to the occupancy within the different levels of the garage.

The Solution

  • 175w HID canopy replaced with 66w LED fixtures
  • 175w HID recessed fixtures replaced with 52w LED fixtures
  • 32w fluorescent T8 lamps replaced with 17w LED linear lamps
  • Include occupancy sensors on (72) 66w LED canopy fixtures
  • Improve light levels by specifying appropriate light distribution patterns for new LED fixtures

CP Canopy Series


The Results

Below is a series of pictures of The Franklin Institute parking garage LED conversion project. Stouch Lighting helped to increase visibility for The Franklin Institute while reducing their energy costs.

  • Energy Reduction: 66% reduction over existing lighting energy consumption
  • KWH Reduction: 264,902 Kwh Reduction
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: $7,674 dollars
  • Total Fixtures Replaced: 288
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 896,935 lbs










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