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Design & Performance Consulting Services & Solutions

Stouch Lighting’s team of Lighting Certified professionals will help design your lighting project specific to your industry and needs.  We provide products from dozens of LED manufacturers, we can deliver photometric layouts to ensure that our design team is meeting your project's energy and performance requirements, and as always, we ensure your lighting project is done effectively, efficiently, and produces results. 

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Designing the Right Plan

Our mission in the lighting design process is to listen to your specific needs and help you develop the right plan to achieve your desired results. We help make the right lighting decisions for your business needs and goals.  

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Our Service

Lighting design is complex and it's our mission to help make every step easier for you. We ensure that your have access to all the performance capabilities that our manufacturers can provide. 

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Deliver Results

Your success is our priority. We help you compare design results of multiple products and manufacturers to achieve the desired outcome and appropriate solutions.

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