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Stouch Lighting is an LED lighting implementation and project management company. We started with the understanding that LED lighting has changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting products and projects. Lighting is no longer just a commodity to simply price across a range of suppliers. Customers need guidance on the available options so that they can confidently select the right products - from the right manufacturers - to accomplish their objectives.

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4-Step Approach to Lighting Projects

We understand that every lighting project is unique. We utilize a strategically-oriented, 4-step approach to implement lighting solutions to ensure that your unique requirements are met:

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Tangible Value to Your Organization

We are manufacturer-neutral in our recommendation of LED lighting products with the ability to scale for high volume projects. This helps us generate the lowest possible per unit prices for customers while making product recommendations based on the requirements and desired outcome(s) of our customers.


Our Return on Investment Analysis provides detailed information our customers use to evaluate various product options. In addition, we have the ability to facilitate the installation services for customers that require it.

Improving Quality & Decreasing Costs

We currently supply LED lighting products from over 50 manufacturers, a list that continues to grow. 

altThis access to quality LED lighting products enables us to provide a vast array of potential solutions for our customers. Every project is different, and we have the resources to accommodate our customer's specific product needs.

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SEPTA Case Study

Project Details: SEPTA was looking to upgrade the T12 linear fluorescent lamps on their underground platforms for their metro Philadelphia subway system. The objective was to implement a system that would reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as improve the lighting conditions on the platforms for passenger comfort and safety.

Implementation: Approximately 13,530 lamps consisting of various types of T12 linear fluorescent bulbs were replaced with three different types of LED lights.  

Results: SEPTA's annual energy consumption was reduced by 5,281,404 Kwh (64%) while annual maintenance savings were estimated at $617,624. Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 7,218,366 lbs

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