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Retail & Hospitality

Lighting for every kind of space from grocery stores to hotels and more.

Lighting Affects Your Customers.

Keeping an eye on the bottom line without compromising your customers' experience is our shared objective in the hospitality and retail markets. Competitively-priced LED lighting products (and the turnkey projects to implement them) are an excellent way to reduce operating costs while improving the performance of the lighting in your facility.

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Grocery stores, gyms, pet stores, liquor stores, etc. all require lighting for their parking lots, their interiors, their exteriors, their displays, and more. We can help you fit every one of your spaces for LED lights.

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Consider the benefits of LED lighting in your industry- improved experience for your patrons and lower costs for you. Hotels, restaurants, spas, all hospitality facilities should upgrade their lighting.

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Retail & Hospitality Germicidal UV-C Lighting

A quick read! Things you'll learn:

  • What is germicidal UV-C light?
  • A brief history of UV light disinfection
  • UV-C lighting for retail and hospitality facilities/businesses
  • UV-C light fixture options for you