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LED Lighting for Schools & Universities

Educational facilities must balance tight budgets while creating a safe campus and environment. If your educational institution struggles with high costs, the culprit may be your lighting -  traditional lighting can cause very high energy costs and dimly lit campuses. Upgrading to LEDs in both your interior and exterior spaces can solve these problems. A full LED lighting conversion can decrease energy and maintenance costs while also improving campus safety for students, faculty, and staff.

Stouch Lighting has the experience to provide the best solutions available, whether it is for a single classroom or a district-wide project, we can provide you with all the benefits of LED lighting in schools.

We Provide Lighting Solutions for All Types of Educational Spaces:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • k-12 Public
  • k-12 Private
  • Charter Schools
  • Learning Centers
  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Trade Schools
  • Preparatory Schools
  • Tutoring & Exam Centers
Stouch Lighting Neumann University School Lighting Retrofit
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Lighting Applications for Educational Facilities

Post Top & Street Lighting
Pathway & Bollard Lighting
Germicidal UV-C Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting
Parking Garage Lighting
Parking & Area Lighting


Many Educational Organizations can benefit from the disinfection power of UV-C light, especially amidst the global Covid pandemic.

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UVC Lighting for Schools & Universities

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Client Testimonial

"The [LED] lights drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs in Upper Chichester, which we are very excited about. Additionally, I am sure the residents and guests who use the rec center are going to love the upgraded lighting as well."

Judy Lizza, Township Manager, Upper Chichester Township