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How to Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting for Better Customer Experience

When it comes to creating a welcoming and safe environment for your customers, few factors are as critical as the quality of your parking lot lighting. Not only does proper lighting deter potential security threats, but it also significantly enhances customer experience, directly impacting customers first impression of your business

Here’s how to upgrade your parking lot lighting effectively, with a focus on the customer experience at every step.

Before Upgrading Your Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting

After Upgrading Your Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting


Assess Your Current Lighting System

How to Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting

Before making any changes, it’s crucial to understand your current lighting setup. An inadequate lighting system can leave customers feeling unsafe and unwelcomed as they navigate your parking lot. 

Consider a professional lighting audit from Stouch Lighting, which can help identify areas that need improvement, ensuring that changes will directly enhance customer safety and their perception of your business.


Choose the Right Type of Lighting

Switching to LED lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the parking lot experience for customers. LED lights not only provide superior brightness and clarity, which improves visibility, but they are also more energy-efficient. 

This switch can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 75% compared to traditional lighting systems, making your business appear more environmentally responsible to eco-conscious consumers.

Take the images below for a second. On the left, you see a parking lot barely lit, casting shadows and creating an environment that could make anyone feel uneasy. On the right, the area is transformed by LED lighting into a bright, welcoming space where every corner is visible. 

Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting

This stark contrast not only shows the immediate improvement in visibility and safety but also demonstrates the inviting ambiance that can influence a customer’s peace of mind and decision to return. Bright, well-lit spaces make a significant positive impact on customer perceptions, reflecting a business's commitment to their safety and comfort.


Consider Smart Lighting Controls

Smart lighting controls such as motion sensors and timers not only reduce energy costs but also adapt lighting based on actual customer usage, which can enhance the customer experience by providing light exactly when and where it's needed. This responsive approach ensures customers are never left in the dark, enhancing their sense of security and comfort whenever they visit your site.


Focus on Uniformity and Coverage

Uniform lighting eliminates shadows and dark spots that can be potential safety hazards, ensuring that customers feel secure throughout your parking area. This consistent lighting coverage helps customers navigate the space easily, reduces the risk of accidents, and improves the aesthetic appeal of your business environment, making it more inviting.

A compelling example of how uniform lighting can transform a space is seen in our work with the Kaiserman Company. Initially, their outdoor areas suffered from poor lighting that did not meet their performance or energy-efficiency goals. 

By replacing 400w HID parking lot fixtures with 117w LED fixtures and upgrading 250w roof-mounted flood lights to 68w LED fixtures, we significantly enhanced the quality and distribution of light. This upgrade involved switching from 2200 CCT high-pressure sodium lamps and low CCT mercury vapor lamps to 5700 CCT LED fixtures, which are superior in color rendering and brightness.

The results were dramatic. Not only was there a visible enhancement in the light quality, ensuring that dark spots were eliminated and the entire area was uniformly lit, but the energy consumption also saw a staggering reduction of 78%. This overhaul led to an annual maintenance savings of $1,178 and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 18,041 lbs, underscoring the environmental impact of choosing the right lighting solutions.

Pictures from the Kevon 1 Office Center parking lot, featured in our case study, illustrate the transformation. The before and after images clearly show how the new lighting design provided comprehensive coverage, improving visibility across the parking lot. This upgrade not only made the parking area safer and more accessible but also significantly enhanced the aesthetic appeal, contributing to a better overall customer experience.

Before & After Upgrading Your Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting


Enhance Security with Strategic Lighting Placement

Security is a top concern for customers, especially in parking areas. Bright, strategically placed lights can make a significant difference in how secure your parking lot feels. 

Well-lit environments are known to deter crime, with studies showing that improved lighting can reduce crime rates by up to 20%. This not only makes customers feel safer but also more likely to return, knowing their well-being is a priority.


Maintenance and Upkeep

How to Maintain Your Parking Lot Lighting | Stouch Lighting

Regular maintenance ensures that the benefits of your upgraded lighting system continue without interruption. Keeping lights well-maintained and promptly addressing any issues minimizes the risk of dark spots redeveloping, which can detract from the customer’s experience. 

Customers will appreciate the well-kept appearance of your facility, reflecting positively on your business’s attention to detail and care.


Leverage Professional Installation Services

Professional installation guarantees that your lighting is set up correctly and efficiently from the start. Expert installers ensure that all fixtures are optimally placed to enhance safety and visibility, providing a welcoming atmosphere for customers. 

This level of professionalism in installation reassures customers that the business cares about their convenience and safety, which can be a deciding factor in their choice of where to shop or dine.


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Upgrading your parking lot lighting is a strategic move that extends beyond mere aesthetics. Each improvement in lighting technology and strategy directly contributes to a better customer experience, making them feel valued and secure. This proactive approach not only attracts more customers but also fosters loyalty, contributing to the ongoing success of your business.

For more detailed guidance and to view successful project examples, visit Stouch Lighting.