LED Lighting Funding & Financing 

Learn how to get your next lighting project funded.

How It Works

There are many ways to fund an LED retrofit project or lighting purchase. Below, we've listed some different options that may be appropriate for your organization or project. Click each category to learn a little more, or please contact Stouch Lighting with any questions you may have!

Available Financing Options



In-Electric Rate Funding

This unique approach provides an ability to pay for LED retrofit projects through in-electric rate funding without a capital expenditure. The costs of efficiency measures are factored into your price per kilowatt hour, and you realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption.


Customer and Prescriptive led lighting rebates are available for LED products from almost all electric utility providers and state programs. Let us help you find the products that maximize your incentives from these providers!



Performance Contracting

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) are an alternative financing mechanism authorized by the United States Congress designed to accelerate investment in cost-effective energy conservation measures. This method allows organizations to accomplish energy savings projects without upfront capital costs, and can contain contractually-guaranteed savings by our Energy Service Company (ESCO) partners.






100% of your energy saving project can be financed with low-interest rate financing. This affordable financing approach allows you to pay for your energy-saving project directly from the energy savings, creating a truly self-funding project. You simply re-allocate your current energy expenses, no capital expense required.

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