UV Light for Indoor Air Quality

Disinfect air (and surfaces) with UV light technology


Available UVC Solutions: UVC Air & Surface Disinfection Options 

Germicidal UV technology is implemented in a variety of ways and can be used to disinfect both air and surfaces. Major differences between surface and air disinfection is that some UV-C equipment must be used while the room is unoccupied, while other UVC products can be used while the room is occupied

  Air Purification  

UVC equipment that disinfects the air is a great option for continuous disinfection. There are (2) primary methods that UV Light provides air disinfection. Each of which can be used even when spaces are occupied.

1.) In-Room Air Disinfection

  • UV Air Fans
  • Upper-Room UV

2.) HVAC Air Disinfection

  • In-Duct
  • On-Coil

In-Room Air Disinfection: UV-C Air Purifiers that offer In-Room disinfection are typically wall mounted or mobile fixtures that cover up to 450 Sq. Ft per unit. These products utilize internal fan and filtration systems that circulate the air within a room over UVC Lamps. As pathogens within the air are exposed to the UVC light, causing damage to the germs DNA, leaving them unable to reproduce and cause illnesses.

PURO FAN UVC with Shadow


 UV Air Fans  - UVC Fans are designed to disinfect air in occupied spaces and can be mobile enough to transfer to multiple spaces if needed. They are usually very quiet machines that covers about 2,000 cubic feet. These units are usually intended for smaller spaces like bathrooms, smaller class rooms and offices


Cloud PURO Image with Shadow Upper Room UV 

Upper Air UV-C units are installed in high areas of a room, usually above people's heads where the rays do not come into direct contact with people. This is the specific type of UV-C is recommended by the CDC as a viable means to improve air quality. With this type of disinfection, the top layer of air is disinfected by the unit and circulated to the bottom layer, where people are breathing.


2.) UV-C in HVAC Systems  - HVAC UV systems disinfect the air as it flows through the HVAC system, either at the AHU or within the duct-work itself, eradicating viruses, bacteria, molds and spores.. This type of UV barrier inhibits the proliferation of pathogens settling inside the Air Condition Unit. In addition, the creation of biofilm is inhibited, increasing the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and comfort.

HVAC Puro with SHadow


 In-Duct  - UV disinfection systems mounted in new or existing duct systems (you don't even have to get new duct work). They control the spread of airborne toxins by killing germs in the air before it circulates


Fighter Puro Image with Shadow


 On-Coil  - For continuous disinfection for both coils and moving air in ventilators, fan coil units, and large AHUs. Excellent for eliminating biofilms.


  Surface (and Air) Disinfection  

UVC equipment intended for surface disinfection provides localized surface disinfection and spot treatment. These units should only be used to disinfect unoccupied spaces. 

In addition to the target surfaces, the air between the UVC unit and the surface/source is also disinfected, as light passes through the air to disinfect the surface. These units cannot be used when the room is occupied, and thus, are designed with sensors and controls, meaning the units automatically shut off when someone enters the room, or they can be programmed to shut off at a specific time.

UVC disinfection fixtures for surfaces are the most quantifiably effective way to inactivate pathogens.

There are (3) primary methods that UV Light provides surface disinfection. Each of which can NOT be used even when spaces are occupied.

1.) Fixed-Position UV Disinfection Fixtures
2.) Mobile UV Disinfection Fixtures
3.) UV Disinfection Robots

HELO Image with ShadowFixed-Position UV Disinfection Fixtures: UVC fixtures that can be mounted in the ceiling, suspended, or on the wall. These units can be implemented with scheduled commissioning, integration into the facility Building Automation System (BAS), or simply utilized on demand. Multiple fixtures can be installed in a room or space, providing a scalable method of UVC disinfection for both large and small spaces.



PURO Sentry Mobile Unit with Shadow Mobile UV Disinfection Fixtures: UVC Mobile units utilize the same fixture technically as Fixed-Position UV disinfection units, however they are mounted on stands that can moved via folding tri-pods or rolling castors. These units or carts can be moved easily from room to room to disinfect multiple spaces. Mobile units most often utilize a on-demand single cycle operation and are designed to provide user flexibility in deployment. Similar to Fixed-Position UV disinfection fixtures, multiple mobile units can be deployed in a space, providing scalable disinfection for large or small spaces.



UV Robot with Shadow


 UV Disinfection Robots: These fully-automatic UV machines disinfect high traffic areas and shared spaces and can disinfect up to 1,000 feet of linear surface areas in an 8-hour shift. Scheduling of disinfection can be initiated or modified from anywhere using a mobile device, browser, or integration with a scheduling system.

Each these options can disinfect on demand with preset and controllable cycles. You can even run the cycles overnight or whenever the spaces are unoccupied, and all fixtures have automatic shutoff sensors if anyone enters the space during disinfection. (You can read more on Germicidal UVC Safety here).

 What's Next? 

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