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The lighting industry has experienced incredible change in recent years. LED lighting has enabled users to evaluate lighting projects from a completely new perspective. No longer just a commodity to be evaluated on price alone, a customer must now consider a variety of factors when comparing the thousands of product options available to them. Stouch Lighting has the experience, tools, and resources to help guide our customers through this complex process. Our partnerships with quality lighting manufacturers provide our customers with access to the appropriate products for their retrofit projects, lighting purchases, and design and construction projects.

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LED Lighting Case Studies


Subway Platform Retrofit

Learn how SEPTA was able to reduce annual maintenance costs by over $615,000. View the full case study

Neumann University

Campus-Wide Exterior

Learn how Neumann University was able to reduce their energy costs by over 63% with LEDs. View the full case study

Korman Properties

Grey's Ferry Shopping Center

Learn how the Korman Properties was able to reduce energy consumption by over 74%. View the full case study