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There are a lot of variables when it comes to a student’s success in college. Good study habits, passionate teachers, and valuable campus resources all contribute to a positive college experience. One unexpected way that a college or university can impact that experience is with an outdoor LED lighting system. A well designed LED lighting system can provide both safety and financial benefits for the campus, and a student's experience cannot be successful without safety. Led lighting for schools is the norm!

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Safety Benefits

Like most things, we tend to appreciate high quality lighting the most when we find ourselves in the dark, without it. Conventional (old) indoor and outdoor lighting used on an entire college campus comes with its own set of challenges. Dimly lit walkways may cause students and the public to feel unsafe, or, worse, make it easier for crimes to occur. Upgrading to LED wall pack lights on walkways and LED parking lot lights/LED parking garage lights will play a key role in illuminating every space on your campus.

As we've established, safety on campus is paramount, particularly at night. Since LED lighting is more energy efficient and less expensive to operate and maintain, college administrators can afford to configure pathway lighting with more fixtures (adding light to make it brighter) and more light standards and features (like motion sensors) to further improve lighting amount and uniformity. Motion sensors can be integrated with LEDs to turn lighting on and off in response to greater or lesser amounts of traffic, improving safety while also keeping energy and maintenance costs at bay. Moreover, LED lighting comes to full illumination almost immediately (no warm up period) after being powered on, meaning there's no waiting when you're in a dark space, it will immediately light as you walk or drive by. 

LED lights tend to appear brighter and whiter than their conventional counterparts. Also, they distribute light more evenly and never age to an orange or pink color that doesn't shed enough light on the ground. These characteristics make LEDs the perfect choice for keeping school facilities, both indoor and outdoor, brightly lit, increasing safety. 

Please visit our case study library to see what our school and university clients have to say about their LED lighting retrofits.

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Financial Benefits

As we discussed in a recent post, outdoor LED lighting at educational facilities presents financial savings by way of lighting utility costs as well as lowered maintenance expenses. Facilities that make the switch to LED lighting see energy reductions of 40-60%, and with a 50,000-100,000 hour lifespan, facility management will spend a lot less time changing light bulbs.

Campus lighting is something that has a daily impact on student success. LED lighting will help your students feel less distracted and safer, while saving the university on utility and maintenance costs. Win, win!