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Industrial Lighting Guide

Check out our NEW Industrial Lighting Guide! Industrial Lighting applies to a range of unique tasks and environments including: food and beverage facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, transportation and terminals, and energy, waste, chemical plants, and more. 

We understand the complexity of Industrial Spaces, and their unique lighting requirements. Our educational guide simplifies Industrial Lighting and outlines the important applications and requirements for industrial spaces. 

Industrial Lighting Guide by Stouch Lighting

Inside the Guide, you'll learn about:

  • Industrial Interior Lighting & Exterior Lighting Applications
  • Industrial Lighting Standards & Safety Requirements
  • Hazardous Location Lighting
  • Germicidal UV-C Lighting for Industrial Spaces
  • Problems with Traditional Lighting in Industrial Spaces
  • Benefits of LEDs in Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces require highly customized lighting solutions to provide a safe and productive work environment. Most industrial spaces must comply with certain safety standards, set by public health organizations (both federal and private regulatory agencies). We've outlined these important governing bodies and standards in our guide. 

Industrial UV-C Light

We also include a section on germicidal UV-C lighting for your industrial space. Germicidal UV-C light is used to inactivate or kill microbes on surfaces, in air, and in water, and it is now commonly used as an additional measure of sanitization among the global COVID pandemic. When implemented properly, UV-C lighting can kill up to 99.9% of pathogens, which will help keep employees (and products) safer. Learn all about industrial UV-C lighting in our new guide.

Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

Lastly, you'll learn about choosing the right lighting for your spaces. Industrial spaces consume large amounts of energy, largely in part due to outdated, traditional light sources. Many businesses are converting to LEDs throughout their facilities to solve this problem. In our new guide, you'll learn about all the benefits of converting to LEDs, and the many problems associated with traditional lighting.

Ready to learn all about Industrial Lighting? Head to our industrial lighting page here, or, you can download the PDF now by clicking here

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