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Lighting for Multi-Family Facilities

If you own and/or operate an apartment complex, town homes, condominiums, etc., you have a lot of lighting you're in charge of. Make it easier with LEDs. Your building's hallways, parking lots, laundry rooms, gyms, and other common facilities can be safer and more efficient post-retrofit.

Relevant Case Studies


Neumann University

Parking Lot Light Conversion

Neumann University, a four-year school located in Aston, Pennsylvania, was looking for a comprehensive turnkey solution to reduce energy costs and improve light levels for the exterior lighting throughout the entire campus. Updated parking lot lights have the benefit of improved safety as well.

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Parking Garage

M&T Bank

LED Parking Garage Light Retrofit

M&T Bank was looking for a solution to reduce the energy consumption associated with the existing lighting in their parking garage. Operating 24 hours a day, the customer also wanted to improve the quality of the lighting in the facility for their customers that were utilizing the garage during off hours.

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Relevant Multi-Family Lighting Applications

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Many multi-family facilities benefit from the disinfection power of UV-C light.

Consider setting your apartment complex or other facility apart from others.

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Your multi-family facility likely has multiple parking lots.
You can save on operating and maintenance costs by switching your parking lot lighting to LED. An added bonus, keeping residents safer in better light!
Fluorescent lighting is found everywhere. You probably have it in many common spaces.
Did you know you could save $200 per fixture per year by making the switch to LED lighting?

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Client Testimonial
Judy Lizza, Township Manager, Upper Chichester Township

"The [LED] lights drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs in Upper Chichester, which we are very excited about. Additionally, I am sure the residents and guests who use the rec center are going to love the upgraded lighting as well."

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Lighting Comparison: LED vs. Traditional Lighting

An in depth examination of the key differences and advantages of LED lighting in comparison to traditional lighting

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  • Overview of older lighting technologies like Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Fluorescent
  • Compare how and why LED lighting is leaps and bounds the preferred lighting technology