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Have you been thinking about an LED retrofit for your facility or property? Not sure how to go about it? You came to the right place. Here’s a primer on getting your facility up to date with modern lighting. 

What is LED Retrofit?

Retrofitting your facility means that you’re adding something new (such as a technology, component, or accessory) that the building didn’t previously have or that wasn’t a part of the original construction. The term “retrofit” is very much a synonym with the term “conversion.” In the case of lighting, most retrofits that are happening today are LED lighting retrofits.

Why LED Lighting Retrofits?

LED lights are replacing traditional lighting technology across a wide spectrum of lighting applications. They are useful for interior lighting, exterior lighting, and small lighting in mechanical applications.

Why Complete An LED Retrofit and How Will I Benefit?

In three main ways: 1. energy efficiency improvements, 2. reduce operating costs including recurring maintenance costs (both parts and labor), 3. improved lighting quality.

There are also creative business opportunities and financing options to complete an LED retrofit or conversion. Examples include partnering with Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs) or applying for Federal or State rebates.

What Are The Main Considerations During An LED Retrofit?

LEDs work a little differently than most traditional lighting solutions. A few things you’ll need to know when retrofitting your facilities with LEDs include the following:

  • Fixtures and luminaires are two different things. If you are looking to keep your present fixtures then you may slightly reduce the compatible conversion options when it comes to bulbs. If you’re replacing both the light and the fixture (housing) then you’ll be able to choose from everything on the market. In either case, most LEDs are made to be compatible with standard fixtures.
  • The hardware for dimming LED lights is generally not compatible with traditional lighting solutions. You will need LED dimmers to go along with the new bulbs.

Can I See Some Examples of LED Retrofits? How About The Results?

Building Exterior Lighting:

Neumann Before and After LED Retrofit Parking Lot School Lighting


Parking Lot Lighting:

Copy of 2018 by 750 Before & After Photos b (1)-png


Parking Garage Lighting:

Franklin Institute Parking Garage LED Lighting Conversion

Sports Facility Lighting:

Iceline Hockey Rink Lighting Conversion From Metal Halide to LEDs

Indoor Gymnasium LED Lighting Retrofit


Street Lighting:

Neumann University Street Lighting Conversion HPS to LED Lights

Aston Township LED Street Lighting Retrofit






Subway Lighting:

SEPTA underground subway platform LED lighting retrofit


Walkway Lighting:

Neumann University college quad walkway Lighting conversion to LED lights

Did you know that only 10% of the cost of operating a building over its lifetime is spent on the actual purchase of the facility? The remaining 90% is made up of various operating expenses. Much of this is an energy expense (heating, electricity) while other expenses involve structural maintenance. Of the electricity expenses, lighting is by far the largest one and upgrading your facility to LEDs is one of the smartest investments you can make. For more information or if you are interested in working with a certified lighting expert please contact Stouch Lighting. We can handle your LED retrofit project from A to Z.

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