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Looking for an outdoor commercial lighting upgrade? LED’s are rapidly becoming the standard choice for exterior commercial lighting fixtures, in part due to their superior durability and versatility, making them ideal for exterior commercial settings. Loading docks, storage yards, and other outdoor commercial environments can operate around the clock with heavy loading machinery and activities that expose commercial lighting to shocks and impacts that can easily damage traditional high-pressure sodium or halogen fixtures. Led lights include solid state components that are less susceptible to damage from shocks and vibrations. If an LED fixture does experience some damage, the modular nature of many LED lighting systems facilitates easy replacement of a single unit without affecting other fixtures in a commercial exterior lighting array.

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Also unlike traditional exterior lighting fixtures, LED fixtures come to full illumination almost immediately after they are powered on. This allows a commercial facility to cycle lights on and off in order to save on consumption of electricity, and therefore to reduce utility costs.

LED exterior commercial lighting also better lends itself to planned maintenance schedules. Traditional lighting fixtures will be more likely to fail suddenly, and the downtime required to replace or repair those traditional fixtures can impair operations in a commercial facility. In contrast, LED’s are far less likely to experience sudden failure, but will instead begin to dim when they approach the end of their operating abilities. A maintenance technician can detect the early signs of this dimming and then schedule maintenance of an LED fixture at times that will not interfere with a commercial facility’s regular operations.

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Proper illumination is also critical for safety in an exterior commercial facility. Exterior LED lighting is available with diffusers and in multiple different beam spread patterns that can be combined to light all areas of a commercial facility to eliminate dark areas and shadows that create safety risks. Moreover, LED lights are better able to replicate natural lighting. This feature provides workers in an exterior commercial facility a better opportunity to see contrasts and fine detail in their surroundings, which further improves the overall safety of those environments.

From a design perspective, LED exterior commercial lighting is also frequently smaller and lower-profile than traditional exterior lighting fixtures. LED wall pack lights can be installed along exterior walls and can be incorporated into other parts of an exterior commercial facility with no additional needs for light poles or other dedicated elements. Commercial facilities that are considering retrofitting an existing lighting system to LED’s will generally discover that new LED fixtures can be readily installed into the existing system with few, if any, technology compatibility problems.

Apart from these additional benefits of LED exterior commercial lighting, LED’s common advantages are still a significant factor. LEDs produce the same or better illumination as standard exterior commercial lighting with often less than half of the electrical power consumption. A commercial facility can recover its upfront LED installation costs solely from lower operating expenses, usually within 1-5 years.  

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