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How to Select the Right Material and Height for Parking Lot Poles

Well-designed parking lot lighting is essential for creating a safe, functional, and inviting space. The poles you choose play a central role in achieving optimal lighting. 


This guide will walk you through the critical factors to consider  –  from the shape and material of the poles to their height and installation – empowering you to make the best decision for your parking lot's unique needs.


The Shape of Parking Lot Lighting Poles

Parking lot poles typically come in two main shapes: round and square.  Each offers distinct benefits and considerations:

Round Poles

Round Poles for Lighting | Stouch LightingRound poles are a popular choice for parking lots due to their durability and sleek appearance. Constructed with robust materials like steel or aluminum, they withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity for years to come

Round poles offer a sleek and modern appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your parking lot. Their aerodynamic shape provides better wind resistance, making them ideal for areas with strong winds.

They may have slightly more limited options for mounting fixtures and accessories due to their curved surface.

Above you'll find examples of Round Poles from RAB Lighting to get an understanding of the various types of poles offered..

Square Poles

LSI Square Pole | Stouch Lighting

Square poles offer strength and versatility for your parking lot lighting needs. Their flat sides provide ample mounting surfaces, making them ideal for accommodating multiple lights and accessories.  


Known for their durability, they offer a sturdy foundation for your lighting setup. 

While they may have a slightly more industrial aesthetic compared to round poles, consider the overall design of your parking lot and potential wind conditions when making your final selection.

To the right you'll find an example of a Square pole from LSI.

To make the best selection, carefully weigh your parking lot's specific needs in terms of how the poles fit within the overall design and their ability to withstand wind.


Different Materials for Parking Lot Lighting Poles

The material you choose for your parking lot poles significantly impacts their durability, corrosion resistance, and overall lifespan. The most popular options include:

  • Steel Light Poles:Square Steel Poles | Stouch Lighting
    • Renowned for their strength and durability, capable of handling harsh weather conditions and potential impacts.
    • Typically galvanized with a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion.
    • The ideal choice for heavy-duty needs, areas with extreme weather, and high-traffic locations.
  • Aluminum Light Poles:
    • Lightweight for easier transportation and installation.
      Round Aluminum Poles | Stouch Lighting
    • Naturally resistant to rust, making them perfect for coastal environments or areas with high humidity.
    • Offer greater flexibility in colors and finishes for a more customized look.
  • Concrete Poles:
    • Offer unmatched strength and stability, making them exceptionally resistant to vehicle collisions and vandalism.
    • Incredibly long-lasting and ideal for environments where safety and longevity are the top priorities.
  • Fiberglass Light Poles:
    • Lightweight for ease of installation.
    • Non-conductive and resistant to corrosion, offering safety and durability in various environments.
    • Often used in applications where weight and signal interference are concerns.


Parking Lot Poles for Lighting | Stouch Lighting

How to Select the Best Parking Lot Light Pole

Beyond the shape and material of the pole, here are other vital factors to consider in your selection process:


When selecting parking lot poles, height is crucial. Always adhere to local regulations regarding maximum allowable heights for safety and consistency within your area.  

In urban environments, shorter poles help minimize light pollution and glare, which can be disruptive to pedestrians and nearby residents. 

For rural areas or large parking lots, taller poles may be necessary to achieve broader light distribution, ensuring adequate visibility. 

Lighting designers employ specialized tools and ratings to assess glare levels and create lighting plans that maintain a comfortable and safe environment while staying within property boundaries.


Base and Adapter

Ensure that the base of your chosen parking lot pole is compatible with both the pole itself and the type of adapter required for your lighting fixtures. This seamless integration is vital for secure installation. 

To maximize the lifespan of your poles, opt for bases and adapters made from corrosion-resistant materials, especially in areas prone to harsh weather or coastal environments.



Carefully consider the costs associated with your parking lot lighting poles. Factor in the package fees, which cover the cost of the poles themselves and any desired additional features.  

Don't forget to estimate installation costs, which can fluctuate depending on the project's size, complexity, and whether underground wiring is necessary for powering your lights.


Transform Your Parking Lot with Stouch Lighting

By following this guide and carefully evaluating the different options, you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect parking lot poles. Doing this ensures well-lit, secure, and visually appealing parking for years to come.

At Stouch Lighting, we specialize in providing high-quality, durable, and customizable parking lot lighting solutions. Let our experts help you find the perfect poles for your project.


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