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Holophane canopy and garage lights provide adequate illumination and even light distribution in parking decks and garages. 

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Parkpak® LED Parking Garage Lighting

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Parkpak® LED can be applied for either ceiling, wall, pole or swivel pendant mounting arrangements for parking garages, overhead canopies, walkways, parking areas and building perimeters. With a small, low profile footprint & weight, energy savings up to 50%, and expected service life over 20 years, the Parkpak LED parking garage light combines robust mechanical design features with Holophane’s optical expertise and permanence of prismatic glass to excel as a direct retrofit for existing HID luminaires. Parkpak LED replaces 70-250W metal halide luminaires with eight lumen packages from 2,200 to 11,200 lumens and a choice of cutoff optics or prismatic optics (glass or poly) and five distributions. Parkpak LED is available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT and 70 CRI (80 CRI option) Features include 20kV/10kA extreme surge protection, emergency Backup driver with dual fuse option, and a variety of control options including Acuity Brands Xpoint, an IR motion sensor or Field-adjustable Output.