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LSI Canopy Lights & Garage Lights

LSI Industries



LSI Canopy Lights and Garage Lights are perfect for all types of applications including: petroleum station lighting / gasoline station lighting, convenience store lighting / C-Store lighting, and more. 



Petroleum station lighting / gasoline station lighting, convenience store lighting / C-Store lighting.

The SCOTTSDALE® VERTEX™ is the most feature-rich gas canopy fixture on the market today. Its Symmetric Combination Forward Throw optic – make extra flood lights between the gas canopy and convenience store unnecessary saving the owner money without sacrificing performance. Vertex has a rugged low profile housing and is available in five lumen packages: 10K, 13K, 15K, 20K and 23K. The below canopy field serviceability, dimming capability and optional integral Bluetooth™ motion and photocell sensor make Vertex the ideal solution for gas canopies.

LSI Scottsdale CRUS

Scottsdale Legacy CRUS 

Petroleum station lighting / gasoline station, convenience store lighting / C-Store lighting, soffit lighting

LSI’s Scottsdale Legacy CRUS  fixture family is designed for illuminating gas canopies, with mounting heights of 10’ or greater. CRUS is the lowest profile  gas canopy luminaire on the market(less than 3/4″). The driver housing is located above the gas canopy. This attractive fixture is available in multiple lumen packages with two unique optical distributions to meet most requirements. With its high performance LED optics, the CRUS fixture family delivers outstanding performance in new or retrofit applications.


Scottsdale SCM

Petroleum station lighting / gasoline station lighting, convenience store lighting / C-Store lighting, parking garage lighting, soffit lighting, car wash lighting

The SCM luminaire offers exceptional performance, efficiency and a unique LSI design. Features such as multiple lumen packages, outstanding efficacy and field serviceability make it an ideal petroleum, car wash and commercial canopy solution. The contractor- friendly SCM luminaire includes fasteners, stem kit and a locking collar for gas canopy applications and is also available in a direct mount for surface mounting applications and a pendant mount configuration. In addition, it is available to pendant or surface mount with a special environment finish (SE) for car wash applications.


Excursion EXN

parking garages, stairwells, low-bay & canopy applications

Meet the new standard in edge-lit luminaires. The LSI Excursion EXN  luminaire featuring edge-lit technology complements any architectural setting and delivers energy-efficient, uniform downlight and optional uplight. This sleek, low-profile fixture provides visual comfort with minimal glare. With a wide variety of color temperatures and distributions, Excursion can be configured to deliver ideal illumination to an extensive range of environments including parking garages, stairwells, low-bay and canopy applications.

Opulence Pendent LSI

Opulence - Pendant & Surface Mounted

Pendant & Surface Mounted Light

Opulence Pendant & Surface Mount Luminaires provide versatility with a wide variety of mounting options and styles. Pendant versions mount to a 3/4″ rigid stem and are available with a decorative shroud (painted to match housing or translucent for uplight). Optional uplight delivers either 5 or 10% uplight and a 2″ stem adapter can be used for mounting to our LifeStyle classic hook brackets.  Surface/Direct mount versions are provided with a hinged 16ga galvanized mounting bracket for ease of installation and maintenance and mounts directly to a horizontal surface or 4″ junction box.