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Maxlite High Bay Lights

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Maxlite high bay lighting products include: High Bay Linear - HL Series, Economical High Bay - BLHE Series, High Bay Pendant - HP Series, High Temperature High Bay - HPH Series, and Round ECO Pendant High Bay.


High Bay Linear - HL Series

The LED Highbay Linear Series offers leading-edge efficacy and scalability for high ceiling applications such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and big box retailers. Measuring just 14" x 24", the LED luminaires deliver the high lumen output associated with traditional fluorescent and HID highbays in a form factor one-quarter the size.


Economical High Bay - BLHE Series

The Economic High Bay Series is a cost-effective and quality solution for lighting warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, big box retailers, and other industrial applications. A dimmable and compact product, it delivers a high lumen output to replace both traditional fluorescent and HID high bay fixtures. Cable, pendant and surface mounting options enable the high bay to be customized to meet virtually any lighting requirement.


High Bay Pendant - HP Series

Engineered for maximum durability and reliability in challenging environments, the LED High Bay Pendant saves 60 percent energy vs. HID and fluorescent fixtures, and delivers 100,000 hours of lumen maintenance for a wide range of commercial and industrial lighting applications. A choice of diffused lens, polycarbonate shade with drop lens, and motion sensor options ensures optimal lumen output and enhanced safety and visibility in warehouses, gymnasiums, retail centers and manufacturing facilities.

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