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Sloan LED Lighting

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SloanLED is the leader in light technology with over 60 years of lighting experience, unparalleled worldwide distribution, and customer support. As a guiding light in the industry, we brighten your brand and your bottom line.

The company is a pioneer in applied light technology solutions with a vision of enlightening the world. It is their mission to deliver innovative application-based light solutions to customers in the signage, retail, sporting, hospitality, petroleum, and commercial markets. By anticipating their customer’s needs, they design, test, and deliver comprehensive solutions that factor in total cost of ownership requirements, maximize return on investment, and provide a positive experience. 

They collaborate with industry-leading partners to leverage technology, focus on research, and continuously improve the organization, processes, and products. For over 60 years SloanLED has provided the best LEDs and support, superior technical assistance, and unparalleled customer service.