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Sternberg Lighting



Sternberg Lighting designs and builds decorative and fully functional outdoor luminaires that exceed design standards for Traditional and Contemporary environments. Serving the Municipal, Landscape, Higher Education and Commercial markets, Sternberg Lighting uses the latest in solid state technology and provides the most efficient and cost effective lighting solutions. Our energy efficient LED street lighting luminaires have set a new standard for municipalities, universities, utilities and commercial entities seeking energy costs savings.  

Sternberg Lighting's traditional fixtures lead the industry by combining the vintage look of decorative styled luminaires with today's demands on sustainability and energy conservation. Sternberg Lighting also produces many contemporary styled luminaires to meet the demand for modernization of our urban environments.
Sternberg Lighting's decorative street luminaires are well-received by public works officials in state and local municipalities across the country. Applications include streetscapes, downtown revitalization projects, parks, train stations, not to mention shopping centers, golf courses, hotels, colleges, banks and more.
Since 1923, Sternberg Lighting has maintained its position as a leader in the decorative street lighting industry by continually utilizing the latest technological advancements.