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As explained in Yahoo Finance's article "In this article, we will discuss the 14 Biggest Lighting Companies in the World. You can skip our detailed industry analysis and go directly to the 5 Biggest Lighting Companies in the World.

Good lighting is an essential need in our daily lives. With the rise in population and advancement in technology, the use of lighting in activities such as photography and interior design has also become more important. As the world moves towards sustainability, energy-efficient and environmentally clean lighting is one of the main focuses of modern-day lighting companies. Just like every other industrial sector in the world, the lighting sector has also faced difficulties due to Covid-19. A huge disruption in the supply chain was felt because China is the source of a significant percentage of components used by the lighting industry. Since Covid-19 is believed to be originated in Wuhan city of China, it was the first country to undergo a complete lockdown prohibiting any further manufacturing of these components, which was a huge blow to the lighting sector. In 2019, the global lighting market size was estimated at $118.33 billion and is expected to reach $163.72 billion by 2027."