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Results from a new study show that LEDs may be the key to significantly reducing elder deaths caused by falls.

Previous research has shown that the right lighting at the right time of day can improve alertness, cognition, and sleep, which may lead to fewer falls. The new two-year study, conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Midwest Lighting Institute (MLI), tested this theory. 

Senior Living FacilityThe observational study examined four long-term care homes with 758 residents, split into pairs. One site from each pair received a tunable lighting system upgrade, while the other site in the pair was used as the control group.

Before the experiment, there was a similar number of falls between all residents at each site. However, after the experiment, results indicated that falls were significantly reduced by 43% at sites that received an LED upgrade. 

This is a huge finding and may help facilitate a widespread requirement for LED lighting in assisted living, elder-care, and nursing home facilities. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death in U.S. adults aged 65 and older, but we now know we might be able to decrease that number significantly simply by upgrading our lighting systems! 

You can read more about the new study here. Or, you can explore all our LED lighting content here and learn more about the benefits of upgrading your lighting system.


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