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In a new study, a Columbia University scientist proved that UV-C light does effectively kill Coronavirus, even airborne particles indoors. It's a novel study - UV lighting has not been widely tested since Coronavirus is new, so this is an exciting release for the industry. We all know UV light can harm human skin and cells, but not all UV lighting is the same, and researchers may have found a way to make UV light exposure safer.

UVC light is a specific kind of UV lighting used to disinfect and "kill" Coronavirus and other diseases. UVC light is still harmful to humans, but that's why it has been used during the "off hours" to disinfect and provide another level of safety for workers. Turn on the UVC light at night, set automatic "off", and by morning the area is clean!

Many industries and businesses utilize this method already including: Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Subway stations, Gyms, and more.  But researchers at Columbia University believe they discovered a way to harness UVC light without allowing it penetrate skin cells - a "modified version" of UVC that is much safer for humans. This is an exciting breakthrough, not just for Coronavirus, but for all present and future diseases. Providing safe workspaces and customer experiences is essential during this pandemic, and always!

UVC lighting is a popular topic right now and 200 scientists wrote the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss COVID-19 interventions, including the use of UV tech as a successful intervention during this pandemic. So we anticipate many more studies and breakthroughs in the near future! In the meantime, click on the link below to read the full article about Columbia University's research:

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