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As explained in Facility Net's article "The commercial real estate (CRE) services industry is comprised of multidisciplinary platforms that provide brokerage, capital markets, property and facilities management, appraisal and other services to real estate owners. Today, CEOs of the largest CRE services companies are juggling a number of concerns. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders have been forced to reassess their business models due to a tight labor market, heightened demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, and mass changes to how we work.  

CEOs of CRE service companies are learning to handle their rapidly changing work environment especially as they work through the rapid advancement of technology and a growing Generation Z (Gen Z) workforce.  According to a recent survey from EY that surveyed the CEOs of the largest CRE services companies globally on these topics, concerns on the struggling office market, adoption of AI technology, talent retention and growing ESG priorities are the key disruptors for the industry."