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One of the most underappreciated benefits of an LED lighting conversion is the savings that can be achieved due to reduced maintenance costs with LEDs.

Lower Maintenance Expenses with LEDs:

In the lighting world manifest themselves in three primary ways:

  1. Cost of replacement lamps and fixtures
  2. Cost of labor to replace spent lamps or damaged fixtures
  3. Warranty protection and duration

The most important factor to consider when evaluating both replacement part costs and labor is the useful lifespan of the particular light your organization chooses to install. The total operating hours prior to failure vary drastically across the different technologies used for lighting. At one end of the spectrum is the traditional incandescent bulb. Incandescent lights have a notoriously short lifespan. They typically do not last much longer than 1,000 hours. On the other end of the spectrum are modern LEDs. LEDs are a solid state technology that produce light without the need to burn a filament. Accordingly, they last significantly longer. Most will burn for 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more without a relevant decrease in light output. Imagine having to replace your incandescent light bulb 50 times before ever needing to replace an LED a single time. While other lighting technologies last longer than incandescent bulbs, most still do not compare to the lifespan of LEDs.

Lifespan Table

The table below shows a comparison of the operating lifespan of different lights:

Lifespan Improvements with LEDs


Stouch Lighting: Neumann University LED Exterior Lighting Conversion


While the actual lifespan improvements depend highly on the two specific bulbs being compared, it is easy to see that you can drastically reduce maintenance costs by utilizing fixtures and lamps that have a useful service life averaging around 2-10 times as long as any other lighting technology on the market.

Extended Warranties for LED Lights

Another underappreciated advantage of LED lights is the extended warranty you are likely to garner with a luminaire whose lifespan is known to be so long. LED warranties are routinely available for five years and often for 10 years. Compare that to virtually every other technology where the best available warranties will be less than five years (more likely in the one to three year range). While LEDs cost more off the shelf, you are getting a tremendous benefit over the long term by investing in a quality light. You can further protect your investment by purchasing lights that have a useful warranty nearly twice as long as the alternative technologies.

In summary, you can save a lot of money in recurring maintenance expenses by investing in LED lighting that will last 2-10 times as long as any other light. Although the initial costs tend to be higher with LEDs, the long lifespan makes up for this several times over. In this way, purchasing LEDs is very much an investment. Along with the longer lifespan typically comes a longer product guarantee (warranty) and significantly reduced maintenance expenses and hassle. If you’re considering an LED retrofit or conversion, contact Stouch Lighting today and let us help you put together a comprehensive plan to maximize your savings.

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