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BEFOREAFTER-1Every new year comes a good opportunity to identify areas to improve. If you work with infrastructure or own/manage facilities, you may want to consider an LED retrofit this year. Below are three worthwhile benefits that an LED conversion can bring to your business:

Benefits of LED Conversions

Stouch Lighting: LED Lighting Retrofit For Neumann College

  • Reduced maintenance costs. Did you know that LED lighting fixtures can last 4-40x longer than conventional lighting solutions? One of the primary reasons for this massive difference is the solid-state technology of LED lighting versus the use of electrical current and filaments for older bulbs. More moving pieces = more likelihood of breaking...and wire filaments tend to break down over time anyway. Consider the financial implications of basically eliminating the need to replace bulbs every couple of years. In a warehouse, commercial, or industrial setting, the savings on materials and labor alone would be substantial.
  • Improved lighting quality. Have you ever noticed the yellowish glow of traditional HPS street lighting? Or how everything within the patch of yellow light is slightly discolored? This is because sodium vapor lights have a terrible color rendering index (CRI). LEDs, on the other hand, do a great job of accurately reflecting an object’s actual colors, even at night. For instance, look at the parking lot in this photo; a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to demonstrating good versus poor color rendering. BEFOREAFTER-1.png
  • Reduced energy consumption. Hands down one of the greatest benefits of converting to LED lighting technology is reduced energy consumption. Our clients have seen drops of 40 - 70% in usage, resulting in lower bills and a better environmental footprint. This has been the case whether the fixtures were in a real estate, commercial, educational, or municipal setting. Also of note, there are significant financial rebates available for those organizations trying to reduce their footprint and energy consumption. Stouch Lighting can help you decipher which of these your organization may be eligible for - contact us today!

Worried about how much an LED retrofit will cost?

At first glance, the higher upfront costs of LED lighting fixtures may scare potential buyers away, or at least put the conversion discussion on the back burner. In reality, however, LEDs more than make up for their higher costs with improved performance, longer lifespans, and financial savings over time. One of the most important tools we offer is a FREE return on investment calculation. Stouch Lighting can help you assess your current lighting situation and provide reliable expectations for when your investment will pay for itself, and the savings you can expect to see along the way. LED lighting benefits and long term savings outweigh the upfront costs. 

Is this the year to complete an LED conversion?

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Stouch Lighting is a manufacturer-neutral LED lighting distributor serving the greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We have considerable expertise in a variety of industries - please visit our Case Study Library to see some of our work. We are eager to help your organization achieve its energy and lighting goals with our retrofit implementation process. Reach out today!

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