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College-1-1Student and faculty safety is a priority at every educational facility in the country, and LED lighting can be a big part of a school’s plan to help students and faculty feel more safe. How so? Take a look at the photos below and note the difference. They are “before” and “after” shots from an LED retrofit at Neumann University, located in the outskirts of Philadelphia.

The takeaway: LED lighting for schools make the spaces brighter and, therefore, safer. You can also view the entire case study from Neumann's retrofit here.

Dark parking lot lighting can be a safety issue on campuses. Many universities are turning to LED lighting to improve campus safety while also reducing utility costs. LEDs can be found on campus walkways, parking lots, and in parking garages.

Brighter lighting can help make students and faculty feel safer! Take a look at the before and after photos below to see how we transformed Neumann's Campus and made areas on campus much brighter. 

Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit: Before and After


Before After LED Parking Lot Retrofit at Neumann University


In the before picture above, the parking lot is lit by monochromatic low-pressure sodium discharge bulbs. This is the worst kind of bulb on the market for color rendering index (CRI) - evidenced by the fact that virtually everything appears yellow. Compare that to the after photo. Now the parking lot is lit by state-of-the-art LED bulbs. The difference is immediately noticeable as there is better color rendering, better visibility in general, and a relative feeling of comfort. That’s not to mention the fact that LEDs are the most energy and cost efficient bulbs on the market (even more so than the LPS lights they are replacing).

It’s easy to see by the pictures above that a student or faculty member might feel much more comfortable walking back to their car in a well-lit parking lot. Parking lots at night are notorious in urban legend (and the common psyche) as places where bad things can happen. Leveraging LED technology properly can go a long way towards keeping parking lots brightly-lit, and might even serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals. These are both positive improvements to a campus of any size.

In addition to parking lots, LED technology can be used to improve and enhance the lighting around dorms, classrooms, and other buildings. When students are living on campus (and faculty stay late for extra instruction, next day preparation, etc.), lighting at night can really make a difference. See below to judge for yourself!

Building Lights Before LED:

Before After LED Parking Lot Retrofit at Neumann University

Notice the difference between the two photos, especially in the front of the building; there aren’t dark corners in the second photo, which means the lighting performance around the building has improved significantly. Additionally, the walking path is continually lit instead of having dark patches between lamp posts. Each light that was installed has a broader range, which contributes to increased savings and better output.

Click here to learn basic information about LEDs.

Pathway Lighting


Neuman Pathway Lighting Blog post 2 3

What else can LED lighting do for your educational facility?

Energy efficient lighting solutions - especially those utilizing LEDs - can do four important things for your educational facility:

  • Help you save up to 80% on lighting energy costs
  • Reduce labor costs due to less frequently recurring maintenance costs
  • Reduce the costs of replacement parts and bulbs due to the significantly longer lifespan of LEDs
  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

This is what’s called a win-win-win … win! In addition to helping students and faculty feel safer, your school can also save on costs, energy, and maintenance. Stouch Lighting is an LED lighting company servicing the greater Philadelphia and Northeast areas. We are happy to schedule a no-obligation 20-minute phone call to discuss how we can implement energy efficient lighting solutions for your educational facility. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!