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The state of California recognizes the energy savings benefits of LED lighting and has motioned for all greenhouse growers to use only LED lighting from 2023 forward. This supports one of our articles about how LED lighting is the future of the Marijuana Industry, which you can read here.

LED lights are great for growing marijuana because they are energy efficient, easy to use and set up, and can be used for the full life cycle of your cannabis plants. LEDs also run cooler, and some have built-in fans, which means you may not need to run as many individual fans and they can reduce the risk of a fire in your grow room. Overall, we agree that LED lights are the future for the growing industry as a whole, and the state of California seems to agree.

California is considering making LED lights mandatory for growers. The proposal hasn't been accepted yet, but if it goes through it would be a significant upfront expense for growers currently using older lighting technologies. But, as this article hypothesizes, do all growers stand to benefit long-term from an LED retrofit? While many California growers worry about transitioning to LED lighting because of these upfront costs, the long term benefits and savings are worth it - LED lights save you money in the long run on utility bills, overall plant maintenance and facility costs.

The article below suggests that even if the state regulation doesn't go through, investing in LED as a grower is likely worthwhile anyway. The future of lighting lies within LED lights, so whether they become mandatory now, or in a few years, we believe LEDs will replace all old lighting technologies, especially in the growing industry, 

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