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Is it part of your job description to decorate for the holidays? If you’re a facility or building manager, or if you’re involved in public works, you might dread the holidays. While people enjoy the decorations, they probably don’t realize the hard labor your team endured to beautify your shopping center, school, borough, mall, etc. Did you know that LED holiday lights could make your job easier? Let’s consider the following points about LED holiday lights.

Impressive Features and All-Year-Long Usage

LED string lights (and many other LED lights) that you pin along the facade of a building can change color, which means you can leave them on your building facade all year long and change the color to reflect the current holiday. If it’s Christmas, use red or green, or try orange for Halloween. The options are endless. Not only can LED lights change color and remain a solid color, they can also gradually change color, creating a light show of sorts. For example, during Christmas, watch your LED facade lighting gradually shift from red to green with simple programming. The same goes for your flood/spotlights—try uplighting your shopping center’s main sign with red, white, and blue on Independence Day.Christmas Market LED Lights Lighting up Town Buildings

Are you concerned about the cost of leaving your lights up and on all year? First, consider that the lights will beautify your grounds and attract customers and visitors, making the investment worthwhile. More importantly, LED lights are highly energy efficient, meaning you won’t really be spending much to run the lights.

Let’s take an example. If you’re a shopping center facility manager, the price to keep the LED lights on is worth it when you consider the reputation your shopping center will maintain as a safe, well-lit, fun, and festive place. Watch as your customers snap pictures of your LED light show for social media!

LED lights not only offer cool features, like their ability to change colors, they’re also versatile. There’s an LED holiday light to please everyone. Do you need mini string lights, traditional looking string lights, snowflake shapes, colored spot/flood lights, holiday candles, LED ribbons… the list is non-exhaustive!

Money-Saving Energy Efficiency

You may be thinking that traditional holiday lights can also change color and stay up all year. While this may be true, LED holiday lighting is simply a better investment. First, as mentioned, they are more energy efficient than traditional holiday lights because they run on less wattage, saving you money on your energy bills. In fact, traditional (usually incandescent) holiday lights are becoming harder to find as they’re phased out for their poor energy efficiency.

Safety Considerations

Also consider that LED lights are both safer and better for the environment because their reduced energy consumption results in less greenhouse gases. Think about the marketing implications behind this fact—you could be advertising to your customers and visitors that you use LED lighting because you care about the environment. LED lights are not only safer because of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, they’re also safer because they don’t use heat in the same way that traditional lighting does. This means that your new LED holiday lights aren’t a fire hazard as they aren’t hot to the touch.

In addition to being cool to the touch, LED lights are unaffected by cold temperatures. Whereas traditional lighting does not always perform in extreme cold, you can rely on your LEDs in all weather conditions. 

Durability Means Maintenance Savings

LED lamps and fixtures are extremely durable and last much longer than conventional lighting technologies. You will get more usage out of LED lights, plain and simple. So, although the initial investment is sometimes more expensive, you’ll be saving money in the long run when you don’t have to replace them, and you’ll see a return on your investment quickly.

Whether you’re looking to hang lit wreaths along your town’s main street, mount lights along the exterior of your shopping center, or decorate a Christmas tree in your university’s student center, LED holiday lights are the right choice for safety, durability, and savings.