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The LA Kings of the National Hockey League (NHL) just launched a new partnership with PURO® UV Disinfection Lighting (PURO Lighting) to provide enhanced protection from COVID with continuous air disinfection throughout their Toyota Sports Performance Center.

PURO Lighting & The LA Kings

PURO Lighting is a UV disinfection light manufacturer trusted by hospitals, doctors offices and clinics, city transit systems, hotels and resorts, manufacturing facilities, colleges and universities, police and fire departments, fitness centers, retail and now, professional sports venues.

This is PURO's first agreement with the NHL and we anticipate more organizations to follow, as the LA Kings now have one of the best disinfection and safety protocols for professional sports teams during the pandemic. 

The LA Kings are utilizing these three PURO products for disinfecting high-traffic areas including the team locker room, player’s lounge, restrooms, showers and weight rooms:

  • Helo Fixture – Powered by Violet Defense® technology, this programmable, high-intensity UV disinfection fixture will be used throughout their practice facility

  • Aurora UV Air Fan – A high-performance UV-C air purifier recently shown to be 99.976% effective in inactivating today’s airborne coronavirus

  • Whisper UV Air Fan – This ultra-quiet compact UV-C air purifier will be used to disinfect the smaller areas throughout the Kings's practice facility

UV Light

PURO Lighting is a top leader in the UV disinfection industry. Independent tests have proven that PURO UV products effectively inactivate up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Norovirus and many more.

UV light is becoming a very popular disinfection method among the COVID pandemic because it can provide both air and surface disinfection without the use of chemicals. UV light has been proven to kill COVID and it is becoming a very popular disinfection tool among sports teams because of the extended contact that players, staff, and coaches have with each other. 

UV Light, Sports, & Fitness

UV light disinfection has recently been adopted by many NCAA and NBA teams, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Texas Tech, the Orlando Magic basket ball team, as well as several private facilities and high school programs. UV light became particularly important during the COVID pandemic, however, it also provides disinfection for additional viruses and bacteria that are commonly found in gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms, showers, practice facilities, and more.

PURO Mobile Disinfection Unit

The Lake Shore Sport & Fitness Center began utilizing a UV light system to disinfect their spaces for staff and gym members, and they created an online ad to ensure members understood the measures the gym was taking to ensure member safety. 

Common types of UV disinfection systems used in the sports industry include mobile disinfection units and UV fans, however, there are many UV options that provide improved air quality and surface disinfection. 


How UV Fans Work:


PURO Aurora How It works Image

Choosing UV Light Systems 

There are many UV disinfection methods including wands, mobile units, HVAC units, and more. Because of the number of options and safety involved with UV light products, we always suggest discussing your needs with a lighting specialist before purchasing.

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