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Stouch Lighting is pleased to announce the completion of a major LED retrofit for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) based out of Philadelphia, PA.

SEPTA issued a request for proposal to upgrade the T12 Linear Fluorescent Lamps on the underground platforms in their metro Philadelphia Subway system. Stouch Lighting helped them to convert 13,530 legacy fluorescent lights to highly efficient, long lasting, and higher quality LED linear lights. SEPTA’s objective for the project was to implement a lighting system that would reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as improve the lighting conditions on the platforms to provide better passenger comfort and safety. Stouch Lighting was successful in providing the lowest cost solution that met the customers product performance specifications and requirements.  Here is a look at a few images of the project before and after the LED retrofit:

Fluorescent to LED conversion for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority

The results of the project are impressive to say the least. You can really see the higher quality lighting that LED lights provide in the “after” picture above. It is literally night and day! For a full comparison between LED and fluorescent lights read here. The Philadelphia subway station was able to reduce its existing energy consumption by 64% (a 5,281,404 annual Kwh reduction). Considering the average cost of a Kwh of electricity is about $0.12 the annual savings total to roughly $633,768. Annual maintenance savings on top of the energy savings were estimated to be $617,624 and greenhouse gas reduction was estimated at 7,218,366 lbs annually. The estimated total savings to the annual operating costs simply from converting the lighting from fluorescent to well implemented LED lights was approximately $1.25 million! See the table below for a full comparison or read the case study here:


Used For

# of Lamps

Lamp Rated Life


Total Watts

Energy Reduction Per Lamp

Total Energy Reduction (24/7 Operation)

T12 Linear Fluorescent (8’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light


12,000 Hours

80 Watts



4,073,400 KwH

LED Lamp (8’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light

60,000 Hours

30 Watts


T12 Linear Fluorescent (4’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light


20,000 Hours

48 Watts



1,185,228 Kwh

LED Lamp (4’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light

60,000 Hours

15 Watts


T12 Linear Fluorescent (2’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light


9,000 Hours

28 Watts



22,776 Kwh

LED Lamp (2’ Bulb)

Ceiling Mounted Light

60,000 Hours

8 Watts


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As you can see, replacing ceiling mounted linear fluorescent fixtures and lamps with new LED lamps or fixtures made a big difference in the cost, effectiveness, and aesthetics for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA). Unfortunately, fluorescent lamps are still somewhat common so there’s a good chance that your facility is using them for interior lighting. For a full comparison between LED and Fluorescent lighting read here. At Stouch Lighting we have the knowledge and expertise to guide your organization through the process of an LED retrofit. Contact us today to see how we can help, or use the ROI Calculator above to let us know more about your project.