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Stouch Lighting is a national LED distribution and implementation company. We are manufacturer-neutral, so our focus is entirely on reliable, high quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective products. We design solution-oriented packages around each client's particular goals using a combination of industry experience, manufacturing partnerships, and logistical capabilities. Different considerations to maximize your return on investment include warranty, up front costs, and volume discounts. Contact us today to learn how Stouch Lighting can help your organization reach its goals! 

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The thought of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be daunting. We make converting to LED lighting easier by providing the right solutions for you and your business needs. 

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Stouch Lighting provides value engineering to customers in three unique ways, all of which meet your budget, while still achieving the desired project outcome. 

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Stouch Lighting is your single source supplier for LED lighting products. As a national distributor of LED lighting, we leverage our purchasing power to provide customers with cost-effective & competitively priced LED lighting products.

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Let Stouch Lighting help you develop RFP for your LED lighting project to meet all of your project and product criteria. Or, submit your RFP to us and we'll customize a solution for you!

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We understand the complexity of Industrial Lighting Applications and Requirements. Our new Industrial Lighting Page is filled with tons of content including: Interior & Exterior Industrial Lighting, Hazardous Location Lighting, Lighting Standards & Safety, Germicidal UV-C Light, Benefits of Industrial LED Lights, & More!

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Upper Chichester LED Retrofit School Gym

The [LED] lights drastically reduce energy...

"The [LED] lights drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs in Upper Chichester, which we are very excited about. Additionally, I am sure the residents and guests who use the rec center are going to love the upgraded lighting as well."

Judy Lizza, Township Manager, Upper Chichester