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How important is the parking lot at your building or facility? Hugely! A parking lot provides the means for tenants, clients, and visitors to access your buildings or businesses. But when was the last time your lot got an update? What about an update that also cut down on your monthly costs and made your organization more energy-efficient? We’re not talking about restriping the asphalt...we’re talking about replacing your lighting fixtures with LED pole lighting

Why are outdoor LED parking lot lights an improvement for organizations? 

There are a few key differences between LED lighting technology and conventional lighting technology that are worthy of consideration. Let’s start at the beginning: “LED” stands for light-emitting diode, and this refers to how LEDs generate light differently than conventional lighting solutions. Most older lighting technologies use a combination of filaments and fuel sources to create light, but there are three big problems in this scenario:

  1. Much of the energy created through conventional lighting technology is given off as heat and not light, resulting in higher energy consumption (and therefore higher costs)
  2. Conventional light bulbs create omnidirectional light, which requires fixtures to direct the light 
  3. More mechanical components (filament, contact wires, support wires, glass mount, etc) mean more opportunities for failure

Stouch Lighting: LED Light Distributor Parking Lot Retrofit

What makes LED lighting technology different?

 LED lighting for parking lots address all the issues. First, LEDs are much more energy efficient because there is a better light to heat ratio. Second, LEDs produce directional light, which means less light is wasted pointing up at the sky or off in a random direction. Last, the technology behind LED lighting is simple, which means less maintenance is required; in fact, some LEDs have a lifetime that is four to forty times longer than their conventional counterparts. All of these factors result in a compelling case for LED parking lot lights.

What difference will LED pole lights make in my parking lot?

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Here are some photos from previous Stouch Lighting clients who made the call to switch to LED parking lot lighting for their lots.

led pole lights for parking lot lighting

Some of the most obvious benefits are brighter, whiter lights that more accurately depict the naturally occurring color of objects. You can also see the larger footprint of each light, meaning that fewer fixtures are required to get the same amount of lighting. What you can’t see is this:

  • The wattage on LED pole lights is often 50-75% lower than that required for traditional parking lot lighting. This translates directly into lower expenses for managing your parking lot. We have clients who have seen savings of more than 75% on their energy bills each month, freeing up valuable capital.
  • There are intangible benefits for clients, consumers, and visitors to your business when the parking lot is brightly lit and well-maintained. The perception of increased safety is a subtle but important one.
  • Completing an LED retrofit of parking lot lighting may seem intimidating at first, but the return on investment is generally less than three years. We would be happy to complete a free ROI calculation for your organization - click here to get started!

How Stouch Lighting Can Help

Stouch Lighting can help you achieve your lighting goals by implementing outdoor LED parking lot lights:

Over the years, we have helped a number of organizations update their parking lot lighting with LED pole lights. While LED parking lot lights are just one facet of our service offering, we are happy to showcase various successes with LED retrofits in our Case Study Library. Please contact us today to see how a retrofit can help your organization.

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