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Real estate organizations in the area beginning to realize the benefits of transitioning buildings, parking lots, and area lighting to LED technology. Below we will share a few pictures and results from various applications that have benefitted real estate organizations and businesses by improving lighting quality, increasing energy efficiency, decreasing maintenance, and improving the overall aesthetic of a place. Did you even know that LED wall pack lights and LED pole lights could accomplish all that for your organization? Read below and learn more!

LED Wall Pack Lights for Real Estate Organizations

Resident safety is a priority at virtually every property development in the country and LED wall pack lighting can be a big part of your organization’s plan to help tenants, maintenance, and management personnel (as well as passers-by) feel more safe. How so? Take a look at the photos below and note the difference. They are “before” and “after” shots from Mckee Group’s Storage Facility project, located on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

led wall pack lighting for real estate organizations

In the BEFORE image, the alley between storage sites is lit by monochromatic low-pressure sodium discharge bulbs. This is the worst kind of bulb on the market for color rendering index (CRI) - as evidenced by the fact that virtually everything appears yellow (i.e. other colors don’t render very well). Compare that to the second picture (AFTER). Now the real estate is lit by state-of-the-art LED wall pack lighting. The difference is immediately noticeable. Better color rendering and better overall visibility are two of the most tangible benefits of LED wall pack lights.

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It’s easy to see by the pictures above that a storage facility user might feel much more comfortable sorting through their things and walking back and forth between their storage unit and their car on a well-lit property. While wall pack lighting is great for the exterior of real estate organizations, LED troffer lights are a great solution for the interior.

LED pole lights and area lighting for real estate organizations

LED lighting technology can also be used to improve and enhance the lighting around buildings and in parking lots - places where tenants may live, perhaps work late, or frequent often at night. Proper lighting, especially at night, can really make a difference in the overall comfort level of your residents. It can also be a sales tool for would-be residents. See below to judge for yourself! 

led parking and area lighting for real estate organizations

The visible difference here is immediately noticeable. After these parking lots lights were replaced with LED pole lights, the entire parking lot is brighter, with better color rendering, and much better foot-candle performance. The same amount of fixtures now provide a much larger footprint, and it’s higher quality lighting to boot. LED area lighting is an excellent way for real estate organizations to boost their energy efficiency and overall value.

  • The wattage on LED pole lights is often 50-75% lower than that required for traditional parking lot lighting. This translates directly into lower expenses for managing your parking lot. We have clients who have seen savings of more than 75% on their energy bills each month, freeing up valuable capital.
  • There are intangible benefits for clients, consumers, and visitors to your facilities when the parking lot is brightly lit and well-maintained. The perception of increased safety is a subtle, but important, one.
  • Completing an LED retrofit of parking lot and area lighting may seem intimidating at first, but the Return on Investment is generally less than three years. We would be happy to complete a free ROI calculation for your organization - click here to get started!

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What else can LED lighting do for your real estate organization?

Energy efficient lighting solutions - especially those utilizing LEDs - can do three important things for your real estate organization:

  • help you save up to 80% of energy costs
  • reduce maintenance and cost of upkeep
  • reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

This is what’s called a win-win-win! In addition to helping residents, tenants, and employees feel safer, your organization can also save on costs, energy, and maintenance. Stouch Lighting is an LED lighting company servicing the greater Philadelphia and Northeast areas.

We are happy to schedule a no-obligation 20-minute phone call to discuss how we can implement energy efficient lighting solutions for your real estate organization. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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