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A recent press release from Market Watch announced key companies in the sports lighting industry, with Stouch Lighting listed as a key leader in the LED stadium lights market. This list was developed from a study, performed by MarketsandResearch.biz, that has gained popularity among stakeholders looking to invest in this high potential market.

The study and results have been developed and outlined by a team of analysts who tracked the LED stadium light market and industry for more than six years. Eminent companies were profiled in the report based on product offering, developments, and geographical reach. The report examined, and continues to examine, the market size estimates & forecast from 2016-2027.

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At Stouch Lighting, we help make the purchasing process and/or retrofit process simple for you. When it comes to sports lighting and sports facility lighting, we're officially one of the key leaders in the sports lighting industry and we're ready to help transform your next space!

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