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PECO Lighting Rebates & Energy Efficient Incentives

Lighting can account for up to 60% of annual electricity costs for your business. However, many technological advances in the lighting industry have made it easier to reduce this energy consumption and associated utility costs. More businesses than ever are retrofitting to efficient LED lighting, and utility companies are providing appealing incentives

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is an ideal way for businesses of all sizes to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. In an effort to standardize energy efficient lighting, many utility companies offer financial incentive programs to businesses that are retrofitting or upgrading their current lighting products and systems.

PECO is Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas utility company that has established a variety of energy efficiency lighting incentives. In particular, PECO Instant Lighting Discounts can help cover the cost of retrofitting your space and PECO has recently updated their rebates for 2021.

2022 PECO Instant Lighting Discount:

PECO Instant Lighting Discounts are immediate reductions in pricing for both interior and exterior lighting products. When you purchase lighting products from a participating trade ally, such as Stouch Lighting, you can save instantly at time of purchase just by choosing PECO-approved energy efficient lighting products.

Popular Rebates Include Discounts on:

  • LED High Bay & Low Bay Lights
  • LED Fluorescent Replacement Lighting (fixtures and lamps)
  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Garage & Canopy Lights
  • LED Parking Lot, Street, & Pathway Lights
  • LED Wall Pack Lights

2022 PECO LED Lighting Rebates:


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How does the PECO light rebates plan work?

To receive discounts, all you need to do is contact Stouch Lighting and we’ll handle the paperwork and implementation process from start to finish. These lighting discounts are available from 2021 to 2026 (or while funds last), so take advantage of these huge savings and contact us to get the process started today!


Choose your industry below to learn more about LEDs and how they can help reduce your utility, operations, and maintenance costs:

  Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Motels, B&Bs

 Automotive - Dealerships, Service Centers, and Repair Shops

 Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

 Schools, Universities, and Educational Facilities

 Industrial Spaces, Manufacturing, Warehouses

 Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities