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The primary benefits of replacing existing lighting with LED lighting are reduced maintenance and energy costs. While the initial expense of an LED retrofit is higher than traditional lighting, this investment often pays for itself within 3-5 year, and in many cases sooner. This impressive ROI means that your initial investment results in future financial and sustainable benefits very quickly.  The LED lighting benefits are numerous, and LED lights are a positive addition for any facility. 

LED Lighting provides a drastic reduction in energy costs and maintenance costs due to the significant difference in the way they generate light, compared to conventional lighting.

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In facility management time is money, and because LED lighting fixtures and lamps have significantly longer lifetimes than traditional lighting, building management will spend less time on a ladder, lift, or bucket truck changing bulbs and ballasts more time can be devoted to other pressing needs.Kaiserman LED Lighting Retrofit After Photo

In a recent LED retrofit project, a commercial properties company was looking to upgrade existing parking lot lighting and reduce the energy consumption of the exterior of the building. The results were excellent, and the benefits undeniable. By replacing just 25 fixtures, they reduced their lighting energy consumption by 78%, and took their annual maintenance costs down by $1,100. In addition to the savings, the new LED fixtures improved lighting quality across multiple parking lots in various locations. Ultimately, the investment in LED lighting increased visibility and safety while lowering energy costs.

This is just one of many examples of how LED lighting is changing the way people think about building and facility management. Lighting is no longer a commodity and managers can now make lighting work for them by reducing operating costs and drastically cutting down on the man hours needed to maintain their old system, ultimately adding money to your bottom line. The question isn’t if your business can afford to switch to LED lighting, it’s if you can afford not to.

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