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LED vapor tight fixtures are essential for industrial, commercial, and retail buildings and facilities where durable water-resistant lighting solutions are required.  Many locations, such as car washes, convenience stores, manufacturing facilities, and shopping centers need an indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that will operate for many years while withstanding the exposure to cold and wet environments that are prevalent in such applications.  Below we'll discuss benefits of led vapor tight lighting and five locations where LED vapor tight lights would be ideal.

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Where to Use LED Vapor Tight Lighting...

  1. Vapor Proof Lighting for Parking Garages

Parking garages benefit from vapor tight lighting because they are often partially exposed to the elements. Vapor tight lights keep moisture and dirt kicked up by vehicles that can easily get into your light fixtures out, prolonging the fixtures' lives. Utilizing LED vapor tight lighting in your parking garage will result in longer lifespans and, given that many parking garages are lit 24 hours a day, the longer lifespan of LED lighting will reduce operating expenses by lowering both energy and maintenance costs.

  1. LED Vapor Tight for Industrial Refrigeration

An often underappreciated benefit of LED lighting technology is that they out perform all other lighting in cold temperatures. The biggest issue in these types of environments is the buildup of condensation. This makes LED vapor tight lights the perfect fixture for industrial refrigerators, freezers, and storage.


  1. Industrial Food Processing Facilities

The need for a clean space inside an industrial building that produces and works with consumables is a must. Spraying down and cleaning the lighting fixtures is a very common occurrence. If you don’t plan for this and don’t install vapor tight fixtures, you will immediately regret it. Vapor tight fixtures allow for proper cleaning of the fixtures without risking the light source itself.

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  1. Wet Location Lighting for Car Washes

When one thinks about the environment within a car wash; dirty, wet, soapy, and hot immediately come to mind. Typically, fixtures in car washes are not vapor tight and likely only water-resistant, at best. This allows corrosion and light discoloration to rapidly set it, which can significantly degrade your fixtures.


  1. Vapor Tight LED Shopping Center Lighting

Shopping center lighting faces a combination of all the above factors that could potentially cause issues with conventional lighting technology. The lighting is exposed to a variety of weather elements, including extreme cold, snow, and rain. In addition to the operational benefits of vapor tight LED lighting, another important advantage is safety. We’ve spoken at length about the important safety benefits of LED lighting, and the same applies to shopping centers. Canopy walkways that are not well-lit  become dangerous for pedestrians, or, at the very least, give customers that impression. If people don’t feel safe in your shopping center, they are less likely to shop there and your building tenants might consider relocating. 

The need for vapor tight technology is clear for many applications. By installing LED vapor tights, you also opt-in for the benefits that LEDs bring, including reduced energy consumption, maintenance cost reduction, and increased lighting performance.