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At Stouch Lighting, we often write about lighting for the food and beverage industry because good, heavy duty commercial & industrial lighting has such a positive impact on companies in this field. Not only will LED lighting improve your lighting performance, but it will decrease your utility and maintenance costs by thousands! You can find a complete list of articles related to this topic on our blog here.We compiled all necessary information into a handy PDF for you to download and share with your colleagues and others in the food and beverage processing/manufacturing industry. You can learn why LED lighting is beneficial for your business, and what types of lighting fixtures work best for this industry. This e-book, Food Processing Lighting, contains the following sections:

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  1. Why use LED food processing lights?
  2. Fixture Options Defined
  3. Lighting Standards & Safety
  4. UV-C Lighting
  5. Conclusion & Contact 

The guide is over 20 pages, so we promise it's packed with useful information, but at the same time, broken down into succinct, easy to digest sections. You can jump right to the section you're interested in, or skim through the entire thing for lighting ideas and best practices specific to your industry. Whether you're trying to increase productivity in the workspace or save money on utility bills, this ebook has the answers for you.

Here are some things we discuss in this new guide:

  • Top three universal benefits of LED lights
  • How LED lighting can increase employee productivity
  • Can UV lighting really irradiate food and beverages and kill COVID-19?
  • What's the NSF, and what are their splash zones?
  • A chart with IP Ratings broken down for you
  • Suggested foot candles for different sections of your facility 

Click here to download the e-book now!