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The Global Lighting Association, self-described as the global voice of the lighting industry, recently released a comprehensive PDF guide on the safety of UV-C technology. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, as we've discussed before, germicidal UV-C lighting has seen a tremendous uptick in popularity. You can buy UV wands online right now (although we don't recommend that, see here).Global Lighting Association Logo

The GLA isn't denying the usefulness of this "proven germicidal methodology" that they write "inactivates bacteria in water, air and solid surfaces." So we all know UV-C lighting can kill COVID-19, among of other germs from a range of viruses. It's a great tool when used responsibly.

What's in question for the GLA, rightly so, are the safety measures, or lack thereof, in place in some cases. Again, as we've discussed, these technologies require training, specialized staff, clear and concise signage, protective equipment, etc. You should not simply buy a UV wand off of Amazon and begin operating it. The GLA then is providing guidance on safety and UV while other industry bodies are working to compile comprehensive technical safety standards.

The GLA wants to be sure users of those interested in germicidal lighting understand the precautions needed to keep everyone safe and actually enjoy the germ-killing benefits of the technology. Here are just some of the safeguards they discuss in the PDF:

  • Warning labels
  • Skilled persons
  • Instructional and Personal safeguards

These terms and more are defined specifically in their guidance, which you can read here.  

You can also read all of our UV lighting content from our blog here, and from our comprehensive education page here. Stouch Lighting only distributes and implements UV-C products that are FDA and EPA approved as well as independently tested and implemented with safety instructions and training. 

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