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Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has really cool applications. Aside from being energy efficient, requiring less maintenance, and providing excellent lighting quality, LEDs have proven themselves useful in a variety of different settings. For instance, the coolest Halloween outfit your toddler will ever wear, evidenced below:

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But that’s not all - LED technology is shedding new light (get it?) on extreme sports. Check out these amazing LED light shows intermixed with your daily dose of outdoor fun! 

The thrill-seeking crew at Red Bull Productions put on this LED light show with an evening sky dive in their wingsuits. Highlights from the short film include different LED colors and a synchronized on/off pattern among the four divers’ suits - all while matching the beat to music by Camo & Krooked. Check it out below:


At a slightly smaller scale than Red Bull, this biking exhibition featured wireless and programmable LED lights in tandem with BMX world champion Adam Kun. Check it out here:

Of course, where LED lights are making the greatest impact is in commercial and larger-scale applications like parking lots, stadiums, multi-use buildings, and more. Over the years, Stouch Lighting has helped customers in the education, government, medical, and real estate industries (click on this link to see case studies). While LED technology is pretty rad when used in extreme sports, its real benefits are for those us firmly planted on the ground. LED stadium lights are becoming the norm all across the globe!

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