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LED lights are changing the landscape for real estate organizations, municipalities, large corporations, educational facilities, and small businesses looking to improve their light quality while simultaneously trying to minimize their energy and maintenance expenses. Here are five common applications where a thorough LED retrofit or conversion will pay you back sooner than you think:

LED Lighting For Parking Lots 


Parking lots are a relevant lighting concern for real estate organizations, commercial property managers, government and municipalities, as well as large corporations like hospitals and universities. Major concerns include providing enough light to prevent safety incidences at night, minimizing the relatively fixed costs of operating light fixtures during the evening hours, and, to the extent that it is possible, preventing emerging maintenance costs associated with replacement lights and the labor required to change out failed components. Here is a look at the vastly improved lighting quality at the Kevon One Office Center in Pennsauken, NJ.

You can see the full case study here.

NJ parking lot LED retrofit before and after

PA parking lot LED conversion before and after

LED Lighting For Sports Arenas and Warehouses


Major stadiums like the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings and MLB’s Seattle Mariners are starting to convert their facilities to LED lights. Smaller facilities are following suit and are saving money as a result.

Here is a look at the Iceline quad hockey rinks in West Chester, PA. Both the players and the fans are likely to benefit from the immensely improved light quality on the ice and in the hockey rink in general:

PA Iceline Hockey rink before and after LED retrofit

Take a look at this gymnasium retrofit in Upper Chichester, PA. Notice how evenly lit the floorspace is compared to the large number of shadows that are evident prior to the retrofit. Download the case study here.

PA Gymnasium before and after LED conversion


LED Lighting For Municipal and Private Street Lights

Street lights are a major responsibility for municipalities around the country. Government organizations looking to save money and responsibly manage their energy emissions are finding that LED lighting solutions provide the best quality light while significantly reducing energy costs and even more significantly reducing maintenance costs. LEDs decrease the frequency with which organizations have to replace lights by nearly four-fold and thus save on new parts and the labor required to replace them. Interested in the history of street lighting in the United States? Read here or visit our website to learn more about LED lighting for municipalities in general.

Stouch Lighting: Aston Municipality LED Street Lighting ConversionBefore and After PA Municipal Street Lighting Retrofit With LED lights

LED Lighting For Universities and Corporate Campuses


University and Corporate campuses can responsibly steward our energy resources by converting their facilities to long lasting, low energy consumption LED lights. As an added bonus the quality of light is likely to be much better and the general safety of your students and employees will benefit as a consequence. Here is a look at the new lighting at Neumann University, located in Aston Pennsylvania; there are no longer dark  patches along the walking paths.

Before and after LED conversion for PA university campus lighting

Before and after PA University street lighting LED retrofit

LED Lighting For Residential Properties and Small Businesses

Homeowners and small businesses can trim costs by investing in high quality, long lasting, and highly energy efficient LED products. Here is a look at a Philadelphia self-storage center after an LED retrofit. Notice the monochromatic yellow lights (legacy High Pressure Sodium lights) are replaced with new LEDs that allow you to see color where before the entire building appears black. High Pressure Sodium lights have the worst color rendering index on the market and that is to say nothing of the vastly improved visibility in general as a result of the new LEDs.

Before and after PA storage facility LED lighting conversion

It should be clear by now: LED lighting is a great solution for a variety of environments and practical applications. No matter if you’re involved with business, sports, government or municipalities, real estate, facility management, or education, Stouch Lighting can help you find energy efficient lighting solutions. Contact us today!


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