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LED lighting technology isn’t exactly a new thing, but there are still many industries and organizations that would benefit from learning a little more about these energy efficient lighting solutions. In this blog, we’ll discuss how indoor and outdoor LED lights can positively impact the aesthetic, efficiency, and financial bottom line for real estate organizations. We’ll also provide some helpful comparisons between conventional lighting solutions and LED lighting for real estate organizations.

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting can improve the aesthetic for real estate organizations.

Lighting is one of the often-overlooked components of what makes a particular space impress the viewer or not. High quality lighting may or may not be noticed by a potential tenant, but poor lighting certainly will. Indoor LED lighting is often underestimated in its ability to highlight certain features, impart a certain mood/aesthetic, and even impact worker productivity (read more here). The brightness of light, its color temperature, and even the lighting fixtures can all make a difference to potential tenants. Outdoor LED lighting is particularly useful in commercial real estate applications, where parking lot lighting needs to be considered. Higher quality lighting at night helps both tenants and customers feel more secure, and perhaps more likely to visit an establishment or business.

Before After LED Retrofit Parking Lot

LED lighting for real estate organizations will improve energy efficiency and decrease environmental footprint

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting is distinguished from conventional lighting in two important ways: how light is generated and how light is distributed. Conventional lighting typically generates light through the use of a fuel source and filament. This results in a lot of wasted energy, primarily through the creation of heat (which is then dissipated). LED lighting uses an electrical diode to generate light, which means that less energy is wasted as heat. This difference means that less energy needs to be consumed to achieve the same level of higher quality lighting. Many of our clients have seen reductions in energy consumption of more than 60% (view our Case Study Library here). Real estate organizations that manage many properties should absolutely consider an LED conversion, if only for the savings that are a direct result of making the switch. Which leads us to…

The financial bottom line: How can real estate organizations benefit financially from LED conversion?

The upfront costs of LED lighting technology and installation might seem intimidating at first. But remember that LED lighting is an investment. Not only is the light higher quality and more efficient energy-wise, you will also realize savings in decreased maintenance over time. Did you know that LED lights last four to FORTY times longer than their conventional counterparts? This results in significant savings on material and labor over time. Consider how many bulbs are in a single parking lot or strip mall, and the scope of savings becomes apparent. Combine maintenance savings with the decreased energy bills, and LED lighting for real estate organizations is a no-brainer.

Stouch Lighting will compute a FREE Return on Investment calculation for your organization.

Our aim is to understand each client’s particular goals and achieve them through custom solutions. Our four step process is ASSESS-EDUCATE-EVALUATE-SAVE, and we are eager to help your real estate organization achieve your own energy and financial goals. Reach out today!

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