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If you own or manage a building, warehouse, or other large facility, you really need to understand the benefits of retrofitting to indoor LED lighting. We’ve previously discussed the benefits of LED parking lot lighting and outdoor LED lighting, but here we’ll focus on led indoor lighting for large facilities. Let’s get started!

Why choose LED Lighting?

LEDs are small, lightweight, long-lasting, shatter-proof, low cost in terms of energy burned per unit of light (lumen) produced, and they generate a high quality light. How does this translate into something meaningful for your business or building?

  • Conventional lights waste a lot of energy that is dissipated as heat instead of light. Indoor LED lights generate light with a diode instead of a fuel source, and thus cost less to run and require less energy (learn more about how LEDs generate light in this blog). Higher efficiency means lower utilities costs each month, which is a definite benefit.
  • LED lighting technology also lasts four to forty times longer than conventional lighting. This means fewer replacements, and thus savings on material and labor.

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Facility Manager Duties:

Why indoor LED lighting specifically benefits your facility manager and team

Besides the obvious benefits you can infer from the previous section, consider the job of a facility manager. The person in this role is typically tasked with managing all aspects of a building – heating and air conditioning, landscaping, routine and preventive maintenance, etc. When a light bulb goes out, Facilities is the team that will replace it. They take care of the day-to-day details that most individuals at a workplace might take for granted. But LEDs can make their job easier in a meaningful way.

Consider a manufacturing warehouse. Many of these facilities are illuminated with hanging lights suspended from the ceiling that might be three to four stories above the ground level. Changing a light on a warehouse ceiling means getting out some pretty serious equipment like a multi-story hydraulic lift (see image, source IndiaMART).

indoor led lighting for warehouses

Bringing out this kind of equipment is more challenging than you might think. For one, it's generally stored in a designated area separate from the light that needs to be changed. In between the storage location and the light fixture there's likely a ton of other equipment that will need to be moved to access the lift. Moreover, you might have several production lines and lots of valuable equipment you need to navigate around to get to the fixture, which potentially means you're disrupting a work day. And this is just for one light! You can hope that bulbs fail at the same time, or schedule a comprehensive (and time-consuming) light check up every so often to prevent flickering, dimming, and other modes of light failure. Or you could switch to the much lower maintenance LED.

Choose an LED Solution:

Stouch Lighting can devise the right indoor LED lighting solution for your facility

Indoor LED bulbs provide a definite advantage over conventional lighting solutions, and can free up significant time and resources for facility managers and their teams by requiring less maintenance and material. They also benefit users of the building by providing higher quality lighting, and help to drive down a facility’s overhead costs.

If you’re curious about whether indoor LED lighting is right for your facility, contact us today, and get started on a FREE return on investment calculation!

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