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On occasion here at Stouch Lighting we like a publish a blog roundup, which is our top posts on a particular topic. Today, we have compiled our top five list for LED wall pack lighting. If you are researching LED wall pack lights, check out these posts below! They will help deepen your knowledge base of this lighting application.

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  1. Everything You Need to Know about Wall Pack Lighting - This blog starts out by defining what wall pack lights are and where you would typically find these types of lights mounted. From there it discusses the merits of why you would want to select an LED wall pack light over a more conventional metal halide or high pressure sodium fixture. Finally, the blog post details the maintenance benefits, lighting performance benefits, and energy efficiency benefits of LEDs. Read the full post here.
  2. Three Common Problems with HID Wall Pack Lights - This post showcases the most common issues associated with HID (high intensity discharge - such as metal halide and high pressure sodium) wall pack lighting. Specifically, it details the higher energy expense you will pay with HID lights and the higher maintenance bill you will pay because you will be servicing HID lights more frequently than you would LED. Finally, the post discusses the overall lighting performance of HID wall pack lights and the low CRI (color rendering index) that you will get with HID lamps. Read the full post here.
  3. Three Benefits of LED Wall Pack Lighting - This post covers the three main reasons to install LED wall pack lights over more traditional HID lights. The post covers the energy reduction savings from LED wall pack lights and the decreased maintenance expenses associated with LED wall pack lights because of their long lifespan. Finally, it discusses the increase in lighting performance that facility operators experience after installing LED wall pack lights. Read the full post here.
  4. Lighting Comparison: LED versus HID Lights - This blog is a head to head comparison of LED lighting versus HID lighting. The blog lists out how LEDs and HIDs square up on key lighting metrics like: color temperature, color rendering index, cycling, lifespan, upfront costs, dimming and the like. The final part of the post goes into more specifics about HID lights and LED lights, detailing the upsides and downsides of each lighting technology. Read the full post here.
  5. Lighting Comparison: LED vs High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) - This blog is another head to head comparison of LED lighting versus high pressure sodium and low pressure sodium lighting. It lists out in table format the performance of these lighting technologies on important lighting metrics like: color temperature, color rendering index, cycling, lifespan, upfront costs, dimming and other important metrics. The post concludes with a deep dive into sodium vapor lamps and light emitting diode lamps. To read the full post click here.


If you have any questions after reading these posts contact us at Stouch Lighting. We would be happy to speak with you about your lighting needs. Additionally, we can put together a free no-obligation assessment for your facility so that you can better understand your return on investment from a lighting project. We look forward to speaking with you.