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Periodically, compile popular blog posts that highlight a particular subject matter. Below we will look at blogs related to LED fluorescent tube replacements from the Stouch Lighting blog. These are our most popular, and most informative posts on LED fluorescent replacement.

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  1. LED Fixtures or Linear LED Tubes to Replace Linear Fluorescent Tubes - This blog talks about the ubiquity of linear fluorescent tube lights for many facilities. Additionally, the post covers the ability to retrofit these bulbs with new LED technology. Finally, it details the merits of LED lighting, discussing things like: energy reduction, lighting performance improvements, and decreased maintenance expense by retrofitting with LEDs. To read the full post click here.
  2. LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement: What You Need to Know - This blog talks about the differences between fluorescent and LED lighting solutions. It starts out by discussing the ways that LEDs produce light and the ways that fluorescent bulbs produce light. Then it discusses why someone should consider LED fluorescent tube replacements in their facility. To read the full post click here.
  3. Lighting Comparison: LED vs Fluorescent and CFL - This blog is a head to head comparison of fluorescent lighting (including compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). It lays out in a table format the differences in key metrics, like: color rendering index, correlated color temperature, directionality, and the like. Finally, the post discusses more specifics about fluorescent lighting, talking about both the benefits and the deficiencies of it. To read the full post click here.
  4. Three Benefits of LED Troffer Lighting - This post starts out by explaining what a troffer light is, and then explains that, historically, fluorescent lighting was the only lamp type for troffers. However, now troffer lighting is available either as an LED fixture, or as a retrofit with an LED T8. Finally, the post goes through the three primary reasons for why you would want to install LED troffer lighting in your facility. It details the ways that LEDs will decrease maintenance costs, lower energy consumption, and boost lighting performance. To read the full post click here.
  5. Three Benefits of LED for Fluorescent Lamps - This post goes over the common reasons to migrate your lighting from fluorescent lamps to T8 LED bulbs. LED T8 lamps can be used in a variety of applications, such as strip fixtures, troffers, and high bay/low bays. They also come in a range of sizes, from two to eight foot. It covers in great detail the maintenance cost reduction, lighting performance benefits, and energy cost reduction benefits of LED lighting. To read the full post click here.


If you have any questions after reading these posts, please contact Stouch Lighting. We would be happy to speak with you about your lighting needs. Additionally, we can put together a free no-obligation assessment for your facility so that you can better understand your return on investment from a lighting project. More information on LED fluorescent tube replacements can be found on our Lighting Education page, or on our Troffer Lighting and Fluorescent Lighting web pages. We look forward to speaking with you.